Easy Auger II (with Maximum Drive)

Ea-93 Hydraulic Reversible Auger


Power and Versatility at Your Fingertips!


Power, Safety and Portability!!

The #1 choice of rental centers and contractors worldwide is NOW STRONGER and MORE POWERFUL than ever. The patented auger drive provides power when you need it with TORQUE up to 350 foot pounds and a variable auger speed of 75 to 150 rpms. Among its world class features are a balanced cradle for ease of use and proper tongue weight distribution when towing, a wide range of augers from 2" to 18" in diameter with a variety of teeth, adapters, and extensions up to 66" deep. Its REVERSIBLE, hydraulic-powered auger won't "kick back" like mechanical systems. Better still, it's virtually maintenance free because there are no belts, gears, or shear-pins to wear or break. And it's so easy to maneuver that one person can drill hole, after hole.

Key Features



Forward/reverse auger rotation is controlled by toggle lever inside handle. Self-centering to neutral.

Highway-rated tow package for 2 inch ball.

Powerful 8 gpm hydraulic pump - up to 350 ft. lbs. of torque. No belts, gears or shear-pins to wear or break.


Length 106" (269.2 cm)
Width 34"  (87.7 cm)
Height 36"  (91.4 cm)
Weight 360 lbs. (163 kg)
Tires 4.8" x 12"  (highway regulated) Hub mounted
Axel 1" Tapered roller bearings (highway regulated)
Hitch 2" Ball coupler
Engine Standard - 9HP Honda or 9 HP Robin
Hydraulic Motor 1,900 PSI continuous; 75-145 RPM operating 2,200 In/Lbs Torque Max; 275-350 Foot Lbs
Hydraulic Fluid 8.5 Quarts; Type ISO-VG 68 rating
Filter 10 Micron