Rough Terrain Mowers

MRT Beauty MRT Beauty

The Merry Commercial rough terrain mower is built extra durable for the toughest mowing cutting with a wide 26 inch deck. The rough terrain mower goes where a riding mower can't. It can mow grass and weeds that are head-high and even cut small trees and saplings up to 1-1/2 inches thick!

MRT Action

The rough terrain mower features a pivoting brush deck. This allows the rear drive wheels to stay on the ground providing stability and keep the mower moving. The pivoting brush deck also minimizes scalping the ground and damage to the mower. The mower has a rear slip differential for better maneuverability.

The rough terrain mower offers a 42 inch landscaping mower deck, too. The decks are easily changed from one deck to the other in less then five minutes! No tools required.

For the safety of the operator, there is an operator presence lever which engages when the blades are turned on. All heavy duty controls are easily accessible from the operator's position.


Engine B&S 13 HP IC w/ AVS Honda GXV390 Commercial
344 389
26" 26"
Deck Pivoting Pivoting
4 Forward, 1 Reverse 4 Forward, 1 Reverse
Lockable limited slip Lockable limited slip
Tires 18" x 6-1/2" all-terrain 18" x 6-1/2" all-terrain
Blade 18" x 6-1/2" all-terrain 18" x 6-1/2" all-terrain
Blade Spindle 3/4" Solid steel 3/4" Solid steel
Frame 7-ga. steel 7-ga. steel
Electric Start yes no
Length 78" 78"
Height 41" 41"
Width 33" 33.
Weight (lbs.) 408 420