Rear Tine

3-Year Warranty


Spec Pump US40A-US75A


Heavy-duty cabtyre cable is designed to withstand harsh conditions in various types of working environments. Very low replacement cost.
Auto-Cut Automatic reset type thermal protector, embedded at the neutral/start point of the motor winding to protect the motor against overheating due to overcurrent/overloading during pump running.
Motor The driving force of the pump, is designed to give a high level of efficiency & torque. Class F (155C) Motor installation.
Very reliable double-face Silicon Carbide mechanical seals are used to ensure longer service life.
Impeller Powerful vortex action is brought about by an efficiently designed radial vane type impeller. With this design, it greatly reduces the risk of clogging at the impellar vanes. The clearance between impeller and suction cover is not as critical as in the case of a conventional centrifuge type impeller where enlargement of clearance means a considerable drop in the performance of the pump. Wider allowable clearance means larger solids & fibrous substances can be pumped without clogging. Hence, this type of impeller design offers longer wear & tear, service lifetime.
Casing &
Made from light-weight rubber-lined steel plates for better resistance against corrosion and abrasion.
Strainer The castform strainer has bigger throughlet holes. As a result of non-clog vortex action, the pump is able to pump out larger solids and fibrous-form substances with-out choking.
Specially designed to allow the user to choose either to pump vertically or horizontally by a mere switch of the connection angle. (US40A, US75A)
Option permits use in sumps or locations where waterflow is intermittent.


Discharge - mm. (in.) 50 (2”) npt thread
Max. capacity - GPH 3600
Max. head - m (ft.) 10.5 (35)
Motor HP 1/2
R.P.M. 3600
Voltage / Amps 11/6.9
Weight - kg. (lbs.) 17 (37.5)
Height - cm. (in.) 36.5 (14.4)
Diameter - cm. (in.) 24 (9.4)
Solids capacity - mm. (in.) 8 (5/16)