Minnie Mid-Tine® Tillers

Minnie Tiller Beauty Minnie Action

The Minnie Tiller is the smallest Mid-Tine® by MacKissic, but do not let the size fool you. The Minnie is a tough little tiller. The Mid-Tine® design places the weight of the machine on the tines, helping the tiller dig, and easing the burden off of the user. The Minnie is perfect for a small vegetable garden with a tilling width of 12 inches or 18 inches, the Minnie can easily fit through tight rows.

The Minnie Tiller is powerful enough to take care of all your tilling needs. Still have weeds and plants from last season? Not a problem with the Minnie Tiller. It will till the material right back into the soil providing rich nutrients for your next garden.

The Minnie Tiller is a powerful and versatile tiller that is great for a small garden.



Model IT950IC IT5.5H
Engine B&S 5.5 Gross Torque OHV IC Honda GX120 Commercial
Engine 127 118
Tines Slasher Slasher
Tilling Depth 8" 8"
Tilling Depth   12"or 18"
Transmission Roller chain and sprocket Roller chain and sprocket
Frame Structural steel Structural steel
Drag Bar Adjustable Adjustable
Hitch Steel Steel
Start Manual Manual
Weight (lbs.) 103 103