Rear Tine Tillers

rear tine

rear tine

The Rear Tine Merry Tiller® is a strong, durable, and easy to use rear tine tiller. The tiller is self-propelled with three forward gears (two for tilling) and a reverse. The tines and the wheels are driven by separate drives, the wheel drive being engaged with a hand clutch and an engaging lever for the tines. This is great for transport and allows for better tilling.

The Rear Tine features counter-balance weights to focus the weight over the wheels. This allows for more control while tilling, reducing skipping and wheel spin-out. There is an adjustable drag bar to help the tiller dig deeper and cultivate the soil. For the safety of the user, there is a flap following the tines smoothing the soil and preventing the operator from kicking the tines.

The Rear-Tine has a double belt drive providing proven durability.


Model RT1450IC RT83H
Engine B&S 14.5 Gross Torque OHV IC Honda GX240 Commercial
Engine 305 242
Tines Bolo Bolo
Tilling Depth 10" 10"
Tilling Width 21" 21"
Transmission Roller chain and sprocket Roller chain and sprocket
Frame Structural steel Structural steel
Drag Bar Adjustable Adjustable
Hitch Cast iron Cast iron
Start Manual Manual
Weight (lbs.) 451 451