Suburban Mid-Tine® Tillers

rear tine

rear tine

The Suburban Tiller is the choice of serious gardeners. The Mid-Tine® Suburban offers superior handling and better weight balance when compared to front tine tillers. The Suburban is great for just about any size garden, whether you need to break new ground, expand or create a new garden, or if you have a mature garden, the Suburban is right for you.

The Suburban features a double gear reduction transmission allowing the tiller to bust through just about any ground. The drag bar and wheel are easily adjusted with the simple pull of a pin. Pull one pin to release the wheels, lift them to the up position and insert another pin. The drag bar can be adjusted for different soils.

Once the wheels are up and the drag bar is down, adjust the throttle from the operator's position, squeeze the clutch handle and start tilling. The Suburban tills a 26 inch wide swath and can till up to 12 inches deep.


Model ST750IC ST5.5H
Engine B&S 7.5 Gross Torque OHV IC Honda GX160 Commercial
Engine 205 163
Tines Slasher Slasher
Tilling Depth 12" 12"
Tilling Width 14", 26", or 37" 14", 26", or 37"
Transmission Roller chain and sprocket Roller chain and sprocket
Frame Structural steel Structural steel
Drag Bar Adjustable Adjustable
Hitch Cast iron Cast iron
Start Manual Manual
Weight (lbs.) 143 143